Seminar and colloqium talks and other scientific activities.


501: Institute of Analysis and Computational Number Theory / People / Courses
502: Institute of Optimization and Discrete Mathematics / People / Courses
503: Institute of Mathematical Structure Theory / People / Courses
504: Institute of Computational Mathematics / People / Courses
506: Institute of Statistics / People / Courses
507: Institute of Geometry / People / Courses

Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Programs

We offer a Bachelor Program (taught in German). And a Master program (taught in English). The Mathematical Doctoral School hosts one DK plus program funded by FWF: Discrete Mathematics.


The six Mathematics institutes are located in the Neue Technik Campus area [MAP]. Their postal addresses are:
• Inst. 501—504: Steyrergasse 30, 8010 Graz.
• Inst. 506: Kopernikusgasse 24/III, 8010 Graz.
• Inst. 507: Kopernikusgasse 24/IV, 8010 Graz.